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Valley woman claims she was victim to rental scam

Posted at 10:39 PM, Mar 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-11 10:45:32-04

PHOENIX — An Arizona woman told ABC15 she believes she and her neighbors are victims of a rental scam being investigated by the state's attorney's general's office.

"Life since these increases has been a challenge," said Dana Burns, a Phoenix resident.

"From $1,000 to almost $2,000 in a matter of four years is ridiculous," she added.

Last month, Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes sued a group of landlords and a software company for illegally working together to raise rent prices.

According to Mayes, the companies shared information and violated the state's antitrust and consumer fraud laws. Mayes said the scheme ended up costing Phoenix and Tucson-area residents millions of dollars more in rent.

Burns told ABC15 that she's lived in her current complex which is managed by Greystar since 2017.

Greystar was one of nine property management companies named in the 54-page lawsuit.

Burns said she's had problems with Greystar for years.

"I'm very knowledgeable with my landlord-tenant rights…they did find some fees I was overcharged so I'm thinking if they found this there's more to be found," she said.

"And when the AG came out with that statement and her lawsuit, I said thank you, God," Burns added.

ABC15 reached out to Greystar but hasn't heard back.

The Arizona Attorney General's Office recommends that renters like Burns fill out a formal complaint on their website.

Burns said she hopes the AG's office will look for more potential victims as well.

"I hope the AG's office finds those people who were affected by this scam to help them and get them off the street because they may be some who are homeless today and they need a roof over their head…it wasn't their fault," she said.