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Thousands of BCBSAZ patients out of network at Dignity Health, Aetna patients also at risk

Thousands are now out of network at Dignity, others at risk of losing coverage
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Posted at 9:50 AM, Mar 11, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-11 20:29:44-04

PHOENIX — Thousands of Arizonans are struggling to find in-network care as major health insurance providers and a major health care provider continue to be at odds on a contract.

Last month, Dignity Health announced that a majority of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona subscribers would be “out of network” after failing to agree to a new contract.

Those receiving care at Dignity Health hospitals, One Medical clinics, Tia, and other locations may be impacted.

“We have been in contract negotiations with BCBSAZ since September of last year. Unfortunately, BCBSAZ has not agreed to a new contract, which means our employed physicians and hospitals are now “out of network” for their members,” a message from Dignity Health read. “That means tens of thousands of BCBSAZ members who depend on our outpatient services like cancer care or imaging will lose in-network access to these care sites. And the BCBSAZ members admitted to our hospitals will be directed elsewhere, creating an unnecessary burden for families already faced with difficult circumstances.”

Dignity Health also alleges that BCBSAZ, “too frequently…denies coverage for medically necessary treatment,” and “often refuses to pay our providers.” Dignity Health says there are currently “tens of millions of dollars in claims that BCBSAZ has refused to pay for 90 days or longer.”

Those who are impacted can learn what to do and more answers here.

BCBSAZ noted Dignity prices are higher than other local providers and terminated the contract.

BCBSAZ says it will help subscribers find in-network care and navigate the current changes.

After hearing from an ABC15 viewer with concerns about another insurer and Dignity Health, we learned Dignity Health is also in the middle of negotiations with Aetna.

“If new agreements aren’t reached, our California, Arizona and Nevada Dignity Health Hospitals, Physician Groups, Clinics and Ancillary providers will no longer participate in Aetna's network at 11:59 p.m. on March 31, 2024,” Dignity Health says.

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